6c – Summary & Evidence

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6c.Regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology enhanced learning experiences.

As discussed in standard 4, our professional development efforts need to be evaluated regularly in order to make improvements and determine the effectiveness of our methods and instructional practices as coaches. This standard calls for regular reflection; both of our own practice and the teachers we work with. This does not always have to be formal evaluation, nor do we always need to collect quantitative data. Exit tickets and professional development evaluations can give us useful feedback.

In my post, Developing Human Capacity in Teacher Leaders, I wrote about a particularly powerful professional development model I implemented in our district over the last 3 years. Our Future Ready Teacher cohort has been an amazing experience for me as a coach. I have evaluated that program in large part by the impact they have on others and the district. Teachers in that group do not have monthly homework but I do ask them to do an IGNITE session at the end of their first year so they can reflect on the cohort experience, how it has impacted their teaching and, hopefully, their student’s learning. They have 5 minutes and 20 slides to tell their story. Normally, these are done live, in front of the group at our last meeting but I have a couple of teachers that recorded theirs because they were going to miss the meeting. I have permission from one of the teachers to post theirs here. Tech Cohort IGNITE

The development of teachers who can be advocates for technology is another way to measure impact (What Does It Mean to Advocate for Technology?). The cohort group has had some influence on the district as a whole.  They are seen as technology leaders and we regularly bring ideas, tools and thoughts to them for their feedback. They are the first to be trained on new tools and we often invite them to serve on technology adoption committees. Many of them have stepped up and are providing technology professional development for the teachers in their buildings.

I don’t have any direct qualitative evidence of the impact this program has had on student learning but it is having an impact on the teachers in the cohort. Our district recently reorganized and is removing the Digital Learning Specialist position. The teachers in this group are actively activating for continued support for technology integration and are problem solving about ways to continue the Cohort meetings as a users group to continue to support each other. I can not think of a better measure of success than that.